Urgent clarity is needed from the ANC whether there will be a cabinet reshuffle or not. The latest uncertainty has led to the paralysis in the government and is crippling government decision making.

The Democratic Alliance has learned that high-level officials in departments have adopted a “wait-and-see” attitude while the scramble for leadership positions in the province continues.

Government in the Eastern Cape is grinding to a halt and the DA is challenging the ANC to come clean whether there will be a cabinet reshuffle and when. For goodness sake, get it over with so you can get on with governing this province! It is the poor that are suffering.

Since the ANC’s national conference in Polokwane in December 2007, the Eastern Cape has had three different Premiers, each with their own cabinets, which is extremely disruptive for the smooth flowing of government. Key departments such as the Treasury, Health and Education remain without permanent HOD’s.

Factional victories at ANC conferences should not result in immediate changes to Premiers, MEC’s, HOD’s, parastatals, mayors and municipal managers. Until the ANC separates the interests of the party from the interests of government, they will continue to paralyse the administration. Key positions are not sporting trophies that move around depending on which side wins.

The Eastern Cape is facing a service delivery crisis, particularly at local government level. The ongoing instability will have serious implications for municipalities where the provincial government is intervening. The two largest municipalities in the province have been paralysed by factionalism. In the case of Buffalo City, the chief whip is taking the mayor to court over the appointment of the municipal manager. In the Nelson Mandela Metro the municipal manager has been suspended. The provincial administration, government departments and municipalities cannot function properly when there is no-one at the helm.

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