MP’s plea-bargain new way to avoid expulsion from parliament

Dear Sir

The article titled ANC rejects call for MP to quit (Daily Dispatch, 30 September) has reference.

How disgraceful that 30 convicted MP’s who stole from the taxpayer in the travelgate scam in parliament are allowed to remain as criminals in a parliament.

The new fad now is if an MP commits a crime, he can conveniently sit in the highest law making body in the land, namely parliament, with a criminal record and not go jail and continue getting all the fat cat perks you pay for.

This is a convenient way to circumvent section 47 of the Constitution where expulsion from parliament only can be enforced if one is found guilty of a crime and is sentenced to 12 months or more without the option of a fine.

So a convenient loop hole has been created where in a normal society such persons would be expelled.  They can be corrupt with impunity, knowing that they can avoid expulsion as MP and jail by doing a convenient plea-bargain.

What is sick is that the ANC parliamentary caucus condones this behaviour by stating that MP Booi (the latest culprit to do this) showed remorse and co operation with the judiciary.

It is now time that accountability transparency and consequences for actions take place in such situations.

The Democratic Alliance publically challenge the President to come clean and act on this matter given his election undertakings that lazy and corrupt officials and public office bearers be rooted out in such circumstances rather than let his MP’s have the luxury of avoiding parliamentary sanction through the convenient plea-bargain system.

Yours faithfully

Dacre Haddon, MPL
Bhisho Legislature

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