Dear Editor

The Dispatch has correctly highlighted the need for additional resources for the flying squad and East London Dog Squad (Police launch hunt for K9 whistleblower, DD, September 8).  The fact that this information is leaked to the media should not be seen as an act of disloyalty by the members of the SAPS but rather as a desperate cry for help.

In a parliamentary question which I asked in May as a result of concerns expressed to me, I was informed that there are ten vehicles allocated to the East London flying squad of which only two are fully operation at any given time.

With regards to the Dog Squad, 25 vehicles should be allocated to this unit but they have received only 15, of which only seven are fully operational at any given time.

In the same series of questions, I was informed that 96 members should be stationed at the 10111 centre in East London, of which only 58 posts are staffed.  I was also informed that although 20 members should report for each shift (for 1011) only eleven do.

The good news is that the reply stated that new vehicles and staff would be allocated in the current budget year.  It is obvious that this has not yet emerged and frustrations are arising as a result of this.

The SAPS needs to speed up the process of ensuring that these units are properly resourced and I will be asking a follow-up question in the Legislature in this regard.

Bobby Stevenson
DA spokesperson on Safety and Security

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