The latest expose of a civil servant who is making thousands in a sideline business rather than having their full attention on serving the public, once again highlights the cracks in the ruling party’s administration of the Eastern Cape.

The “slumlord” allegations by the Daily Dispatch today (subs: Wed, 18 Nov) against a person who works in an office that holds some prestige, namely the Office of the Premier, is indeed shocking. One would have hoped that at least the Premier’s Office would uphold the values set out by the Public Service Commission, which includes upholding the integrity of government.

The question must be asked whether this person had indeed disclosed her private interests. The Public Service Commission requires all members of the Senior Management Service (SMS) in the Public Service to disclose their interests annually to their Executive Authorities.

Even if the said employee is not a member of the senior management, one must ask how the Office of the Premier, in its entirety, has managed to turn a blind eye to this issue, especially considering the relative small size of King William’s Town, where this lady allegedly operates and the size of her businesses. Many employees of the Office of the Premier indeed live in King William’s Town.

The DA believes that civil servants should be people who act within the regulations, and whose behaviour is beyond approach.

I will be asking the Eastern Cape Premier questions for oral reply in the House regarding this alleged scandal at the next sitting of the Bhisho Legislature. The Premier will have to explain whether her office is was informed by this person of her private business interests, and if not, whether any disciplinary steps will be taken against this employee.

For further information, please contact John Cupido, MPL on 082 559 8866.

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