It is of provincial importance that the launch of the Provincial “Arrive Alive” festive season campaign tomorrow (subs: Thurs, 10 Dec) is a massive success.

Motor accidents cost the province R945,360.00 in the last financial year, which could have been better spent on other service delivery issues to the public.

With a 30% decrease on our national roads last year-end holiday season it is hoped that there will be a zero accident and accident fatality statistic for the province during this holiday time.

As the province heads towards 2010 and the FIFA soccer world cup in the province, a low traffic accident statistic rate for this festive season will go a long way to instilling confidence in tourists wanting to visit the province during the 2010 tournament.

The province can’t afford negative world publicity resulting from an increased vehicle accident rate at this time of the year.

Having done extensive on-site visits to traffic stations in the province over the last few days, the stations are ready to serve the provincial motoring public over the festive season.

While some of these stations are experiencing shortages of patrol vehicles, law enforcement equipment and personnel, the festive season plans are well prepared and our traffic officers are there to serve the public. Law enforcement agencies will also be combining operations in some areas for greater law enforcement impact on our provincial roads.

Some of the plans include regular road blocks throughout the season to check for drunken driving, driver fatigue, road worthiness and overloading, in an effort to make this the best Drive Alive Campaign ever staged in the province.

There will be a zero tolerance approach to reckless driving.

While engaging in the oversight visits and while interaction with traffic officials, they requested that where possible, motorists take responsibility for their vehicles before and during travel.

Taking one’s vehicle to the local garage or motor dealer or testing station to check for workability of brakes, tyre tread, lights, indicators, hooters and wipers will go a long way to ensuring their safety and that of other road users. Motorists are urged to be patient on the roads.

The suggestion that one drives in stints of not more than two hours and where possible have a co-driver to assist with driving, is useful to ensure a pleasant and safe road trip.

Motorists are encouraged to adhere to speed limits and to work with the traffic departments to ensure an accident free festive season motoring experience.

It is better to arrive at one’s destination late, rather than becoming “The Late”.

For further information, please contact Dacre Haddon, MPL on 0796943788

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