The Democratic Alliance is deeply concerned with the wrong classification of schools in the disadvantaged areas of the province.

The majority of schools in the disadvantaged areas in Port Elizabeth have been wrongly classified as quintiles 4 and 5, which subsequently classify them as “rich schools”. These schools have been classified on ward-based information and not schools-specific information, based on parent income.

The more affluent from these disadvantaged regions do not attend the local schools and the poorer learners who do attend these schools do not have the financial capacity to pay school fees. This vicious circle results in these schools being financially bankrupt, despite being classified “rich schools”.

The DA recommends that all schools in the disadvantaged areas which have been classified as quintile 4 and 5 schools should be immediately reclassified as no-fee schools. Too much hardship is being endured by these schools because of being underfunded by the department at R404 and R134 per learner per annum.

For further information, please contact Edmund van Vuuren, MPL oN 072 184 7840.

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