Dear editor

Cosatu’s commitment to ensuring the best people get the job and tenders (Cosatu wants anti-corruption role at Bhisho, DD, 20 January 2010) is refreshing.

However, the arch enemy of ensuring that the best people get the job and tenders is the ANC’s strategy of cadre redeployment.  This custom results in people getting jobs and tenders not based on what they know or what they can do but on what they are connected to.

Until this practice comes to an end the Eastern Cape will continue to suffer the problems of service delivery that it does.  This is particularly so at local government level, where municipalities become dysfunctional as a result of this procedure.  For example, I was recently informed that in the Maletswai municipality the municipal manager was also the local regional chair of the ANC.  This creates the absurd situation that within the municipality the mayor is the municipal manager’s boss, but in the party the municipal manager is the mayor’s boss.  Who’s in charge?

Cosatu should take leaf out of the DA’s book and campaign for the tender process to be done in public.  This is a policy that the DA has implemented in Cape Town and in the Western Cape.

More BEE companies have won tenders under a DA administration than under the ANC.  Why?  Because the process is open and transparent and everyone who tenders know they have a fair chance of winning.

Bobby Stevenson
DA Leader in the Legislature

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