The Eastern Cape is at a cross road when it comes to service delivery. The burning anger that people feel at the lack of service delivery is erupting into flames in parts of this province. In Friday’s State of the Province Address, the Premier needs to spell out in unequivocal terms how accountability of her cabinet and civil servants is going to be rigidly enforced. Without accountability we do not get value for money-expenditure. This means money is wasted on maladministration, corruption and general inefficiencies.

Secondly, the Premier needs to put her full weight behind an austerity campaign in this province to ensure our scarce resources are directed where they are needed most. Cutting out hotel-stays, conferencing, entertainment and large adverts are where they can make a healthy start.

The Premier also needs to clarify how education and health are going to be turned around in this province and what the consequences will be to those who fail in this responsibility. We expect her to deal with the economy of the Eastern Cape and the province’s role in job creation. How the proposed merger of certain public entities is going to impact on rural development needs to be explained.

I also expect her to deal with the impact of the provincial safety and security plan on reducing crime in this province.

For further information, please contact Bobby Stevenson, MPL on 0827753444

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