Housing portfolio committee member Dacre Haddon has taken on an RDP builder on behalf of a beneficiary who has had no joy out of her government house so far.

Regina Windvoël of Motherwell in Port Elizabeth is still without a house after almost ten years.  The RDP contractor had abandoned the project before her house could be completed.  To make matter worse, her son then decided to buy building materials for the house with money from a loan, which he now cannot pay back.  He has also been blacklisted.

Haddon was made aware of the case last year, and after little positive feedback for the Department of Housing, will now assist Windvoël in taking legal action.

The story appeared in the Weekend Post recently, in which Haddon was quoted:  “This is a legal claim for damages by the family and having spoken to the MEC [for housing] last week about the issue, I hope this matter will be resolved without us having to embarrass the Housing Department in t he courts.”

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