The Province is at a cross roads when it comes to service delivery. Public anger at failing schools, hospitals and dysfunctional municipalities has reached an all-time high. What this province needs is a unifying vision that will galvanise the Eastern Cape into collective action to turn the situation around.

Real accountability for one’s actions must form the corner stone of such a vision. This takes leadership and courage.

During the course of this year the Democratic Alliance members of the provincial legislature intend to hammer home the need for accountability and fitness for purpose when it comes to employing people in the civil service. We will ruthlessly fight the cadre redeployment strategy of the ruling party, campaign for an open tender process, ensure that members of the senior management service make the necessary declarations in terms of the public service act, and require the performance management agreements of senior management to be tabled in portfolio committees. We will strive to ensure that the provision of the Public Finance Management Act and related legislation are rigidly enforced.

I intend expanding on these issues during the state of the province address where the future vision of the ruling party is debated. The people of this province are being denied the opportunities that they deserve and the Democratic Alliance has a huge responsibility to cast an alternative vision of how our society could function more equitably for all the people.

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