Bobby Stevenson

Bobby Stevenson

There is a very negative attitude in our country. The atmosphere has been poisoned by extremists on both ends who are hell-bent on a populist mission at the expense of polarising the country. This has cast a spell of doom and gloom over the nation and many people feel that they are in a dark tunnel.

This happens from time to time in a growing democracy as anything that threatens the stability evokes emotions of fear. This causes people to be afraid for the future. Periodically our country is hit by a rogue wave. At the time doom and gloom is the order of the day and feelings of uncertainty dominate us. The anxiety of the moment however must not define our whole perspective of the future.

The last rogue wave that hit us was the Eskom debacle and the blackouts. Another time of great uncertainty for South Africa was when Thabo Mbeki took over from Nelson Mandela. Each time we have survived the rogue waves.

What our country needs now is value driven leadership that can extol the virtues of a non racial democracy and keep alive the rainbow dream. The dream of what this country can be is something that must continue to inspire all level-headed democrats in all areas of our society. Good leadership and sound values separate winning nations from failed states.

Increasingly people are drawing hope from the successes of the DA as a governing party in Cape Town and in the Western Cape. A viable alternative exists.

On a philosophical note, if we look at history, good has always triumphed over evil and forgiveness over hate.

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