The Democratic Alliance publically challenges the provincial leadership of Samwu to tell the citizens of the Eastern Cape the following:

1) What monetary compensation (if any) they intend paying as a result of the damage caused by their members during the strike.

2) What disciplinary action (if any) they intend taking against their members who damaged property and intimidated citizens.

The DA looks forward to their positive reply in this regard.

The Bill of Rights in our Constitution section 23 (2) (c) allows everyone the right to strike and equally allows protection of equality section 9 of the Bill of Rights.

While recognising the right of Samwu to strike they have intimidated people, caused countless acts of violence, trashed streets and caused civil disobedience throughout the country and in this province.

Should Samwu not take action as requested in this matter then it will show that they have only their self interest at heart and not that of the citizens they purport to serve.

The enjoyment and exercising of one’s rights is a two edged sword. For every right enjoyed there is an equal responsibility to behave and conduct oneself in an orderly manner without infringing on the rights of the others.

The usual excuse and cop-out that Samwu cannot be held liable for the action of their members is weak. If they called the strike then correspondingly they have a duty to ensure this is conducted in a peaceful and orderly way.

The DA in the Eastern Cape is considering following the example of the DA in Gauteng instituting civil and criminal litigation on Samwu. The DA today also submitted a motion to the National Parliament via NCOP member Elza van Lingen, following the actions of municipal strikers in Hankey.

The rights of the Constitution must be protected at all costs and every citizen is entitled to enjoy security under the constitution. It is time to come clean, Samwu.

For further information, please contact Dacre Haddon MPL on 079 694 3788