Ward 9 awareness campaign

Dacre Haddon (middle) with DA-activists at an “awareness table” in Fernglen on 1 May.

The DA in Ward 9 of the Nelson Mandela Metro convened an “awareness table” in conjunction with the local police forum in Fernglen on 1 May 2010.

Apart from showing ongoing visibility by the DA in general, the table highlighted the work being done by Ward 9 in the Port Elizabeth West constituency.

“The goodwill shown to the DA was phenomenal, especially with residents approaching us to sign up as DA members and to check particulars if they are eligible to vote in next year’s municipal elections,” said MPL Dacre Haddon.

“Of great success was the ever increasing youth of all races who attended the table in DA regalia and this is further testimony that the youth are more and more seeing and identifying with the DA that best represents their aspirations.

With the presence of some Metro councillors and constituency MPL’s Dacre Haddon and visiting MPL Bobby Stevenson, the mix of youth and residents it is clear that the DA are poised to make the Nelson Mandela Metro a winnable municipality in 2011 local elections.

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