Bobby Stevenson

Bobby Stevenson, DA Leader in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature.

The question is often asked – given our current political climate – what gives one hope? The answer to this is that a viable alternative to the ANC exists.

The Democratic Alliance has a road to power strategy that we are striving to implement. By becoming the governing party in the city of Cape Town which provided the springboard to winning the Western Cape, we demonstrated not only that another party can govern, but also govern well.

The further unfolding of the road to power strategy will see the DA winning big cities and many more Municipalities outside of the Western Cape in the 2011 Municipal election, either on its own or as part of a coalition.

A further leg of our road to power strategy is to bring about a political re-alignment. Not only are there other opposition parties that share our values, but the ANC is looking increasingly divided. These factors present the opportunity to bring about this re-alignment.

Those that see the continued governance of the ANC as damaging to this country need to rally behind a vision of the open opportunity society. You have the power to bring about this change – use it.

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