The Soccer World Cup is truly a great experience for South Africa. It has lifted our spirits as a nation and given us a new sense of national pride. It has helped to unite our nation around a common focus and given us a new sense of identity. It has helped to connect friends and family at home and abroad and connect people from all walks of life in South Africa.

Who cannot not be moved by seeing the rainbow nation cheering and united behind one common goal, our national team, Bafana Bafana and wanting to showcase South Africa to the world. This is truly a great moment in our nation’s history.

Some cynics might remark that this amounts to bread and circus politics as it deflects our attention away from the pressing problems that our country faces. Whilst one can never ignore those problems, one needs to utilise the lessons of the World Cup to deal with them.

If one goes to a game, one cannot but be impressed with the state of the stadiums and the efficiency of all the arrangements. What mustn’t be lost to South Africa are the lessons that we have learnt that have contributed to making this tournament a success. The same energy and commitment and spirit needs to run through every aspect of service delivery in this country.

If we display the same passion and zeal as we do for Bafana Bafana and the World Cup generally, then that same energy can be harnessed into making this country a world class success. Many people remark – why is it that we can put on a world class event but not provide world class service in other areas? It boils down to one word – commitment.

We all need to have the commitment to making a difference. In that way we will leave South Africa with a lasting legacy – the spirit of the Soccer World Cup inspiring every aspect of our nation’s work.

What a great joy it will be if in the months to come we can continue to echo the words “I can feel it, it’s still here”.

Bobby Stevenson

DA Leader in the Legislature