The Portfolio Committee on Local Government and Traditional Affairs yesterday (subs: Thurs 29 July) overruled a decision by the ANC-led provincial executive to stop a payment of more than R880 000 to members of the House of Traditional Leaders.

The committee was informed yesterday that a resolution was passed by the executive on 21 April 2010 that an ex-gratia payment totalling R881440 .63 would be made to members of the House of traditional Leaders whose term had expired but whom had been re-elected back to the House

This was done despite there being no such provision in the Public Service Bearers Act and the Commission of Public Office Bearers.

This incident is not much different from the recent purchasing of luxury cars for the Traditional Leaders in the province by the same department. Ex gratia payments and smart cars have nothing to do with the government’s mandate of service delivery.

The money, which ranges in amount from between R15 000 to a whopping R148 000 for a total of 19 members was expected to be paid into their bank accounts today (subs: Fri: 30 July).

However, the committee instructed the Department of Local Government to stop the payment immediately.

This incident is again proof of the co-operation between the different parties within the Legislature to do ensure effective oversight to prevent the misappropriation of public funds.

For further information, please contact VELISWA MVENYA MPL on 082 4187 916

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