While the average South African finds it not only difficult to make ends meet but have to daily fight for their own survival and that of their families, businessman Kenny Kunene find it appropriate to spent R70 0000 on a birthday and eat sushi off the bodies of half naked women.

I am not unique and alone when I say this kind of behaviour is sickening. At least one of the alliance partners, Cosatu’s general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi, has made his view clear on this matter in public. I don’t expect to hear much from the presidency or the ANC Youth League, because if newspaper reports are correct, President Jacob Zuma’s spokesman, Zizi Kodwa, and ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema were both guests at the bash where women dressed only in underwear clung to Kunene’s arm.

Malema should get less attention than a minor crash in the media, so I do not want to indulge in this, but certainly the ANC government should express an opinion on this matter. In the Eastern Cape people live in extreme poverty. Hospitals are understaffed and emergency services non-functional. Mud schools still exist and thousands of residents have never even seen a flush toilet.

While the new rich are welcome to their new-found wealth, we must not turn a blind eye to the causes of dysfunctionality in government that seems inept in dealing with poverty.

What we are seeing is the ugly face of wealth being flaunted. While ministers or their staff are seen to be backing this kind of action, we will never see a government serious about caring for the poor.

Pine Pienaar, MPL

Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature


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