Legislature leader Bobby Stevenson (middle) with the Walmer Township soccer team, that received jerseys from the Democratic Alliance recently.

Sport is a very important alternative for young people especially those that are living in circumstances of poverty and high unemployment. There are 3.5 million young South Africans between the ages of 15 and 34 who are jobless. In the Eastern Cape only 12% of youth under the age of 24 have jobs.

With this background in mind it was with great pride that I handed over soccer jerseys to the DA-supported Walmer Township soccer team (picture attached)

Many of our young people engage in drugs, drink and promiscuity as well as crime. Sport is a much healthier alternative and the development of role models in this regard is of critical importance. Makhaya Ntini, who announced that he was stepping down from international cricket this week, has been a great inspiration to many young South Africans. We need more people like him.

I am heartened by the fact that youth in Walmer Township, despite their hardship, have chosen to be role models in their community and show there is a better alternative lifestyle. — Bobby Stevenson, leader in the legislature.

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