The article on the suspension of Kei Rail service in the Saturday Dispatch of 20 November has reference.

Yet again the people of this province and Kei Rail employees suffer service and employment insecurity as a result of this debacle.

The excuses from the department must stop.

The reason for the curtailing of this service is because of bad management and lack of planning.

The Provincial Transport Department knew in advance last year that the large roads budget would be transferred to Public Works. There is no room for excuses for failure in this regard.

As such, like in any ordinary business, one plans in advance and reprioritise budgets in order to facilitate the ongoing service.

If it was not possible to continue with the service then alternative contingency plans should have been made in this regard.

I will be raising this issue at the Transport portfolio committee meeting of the Legislature tomorrow and raising this issue with the MEC for Transport to ascertain why the debt of R 80million was not attended to in order to avoid curtailment of this service.

Yours faithfully

Dacre Haddon MPL

DA Spokesperson Transport

Bhisho Legislature

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