Information has been received that the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has possibly approached all the provincial legislatures to contribute R4 million towards the ANCYL’s hosting of next month’s radical totalitarian youth conference, under the auspices of a “World Festival of Youth and Students”.

This event that was always hosted by the ANCYL and being taken over by the NYDA is undeniable proof that this apparent a-political youth development organisation is nothing but a state-funded arm of the ANCYL, filled to the brim with its cronies and lapdogs.

An event of this nature, other than being attended by youth organisations strongly aligned to governments that disregards human rights and advocates racism, will bear no sustainable fruit for the millions of unemployed and disadvantaged youth within South Africa.

The NYDA should be reprimanded for trying to waste taxpayers’ money and should be instructed to prioritise its funding on sustainable youth programmes that will directly and positively affect our youth, such as the implementation of a wage subsidy or the zero-rating of VAT on books.

I have submitted a set of parliamentary questions to the Premier to ascertain whether our province has in fact contributed this event and where this money will be drawn from in an already over-extended provincial budget.

It is completely idiotic for us to throw away much needed money like this. The DA will continue to exercise stringent oversight to ensure that the “ANCNYDA” does not squander hard earned taxpayers’ money on irrelevant and costly events.

Yours faithfully

John Cupido, MPL.

Bhisho Legislature

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