Family gets new home thanks to MPL Veliswa Mvenya

A family from Mount Frere will soon swop this run-down mud house for a permanent one of their own, thanks to intervention by MPL Veliswa Mvenya.

An indigent family from the former Transkei can look forward to moving into a proper house soon, thanks to the intervention of MPL Veliswa Mvenya:

“In December 2008 I visited a very poor family in ward 19 in Mount Frere. There lives a single woman with her four children. Her name is Nomzabalazo Luvalo and they live in a very small, shoddy one roomed house. I organised food parcels for her and went to all business people in Mount Frere begging them to build her a house. Not even one businessman helped, maybe because I was a DA member,” Mvenya said.

“This year I decided to stand up and do something about this shameful situation. I wrote a letter to the MEC for Housing requesting her to build a house for the family. After several follow up letters, meetings and calls I am glad to report that Nomzabalazo’s house is now at a window level.

“The department of housing has finally started building the house. My DA members in that ward will inform me as soon as it is complete so that I visit the family again.

“This is one of the queries that make me proud and smile when I go to bed, changing the lives of the poor,” she said.

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