It is unbelievable that the forensic unit of the SAPS in Port Elizabeth can be broken into. It is of great concern that hundreds of weapons and dockets have possibly been stolen. There needs to be a full investigation into the reasons for this security fiasco and those responsible must be fully disciplined.

When criminals become so brazen that police start becoming the victims of crime, then safety and security has surely reached an all-time low. If vital forensic evidence and weapons have been stolen, this is going to severely compromise the bringing to trial of many criminals. This is a tragedy of mammoth proportions.

It should also be noted that statistics indicate that stolen fire arms are used at least seven times to commit crimes before being recovered.

This incident must serve as a wake-up call to the SAPS to ensure that places that house weapons, dockets and vital evidence are properly secured. No stone must be left unturned to bring these culprits to book and to recover the stolen items.

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