THE articles about how Winnie MadikezelaMandela’s bodyguards treated police officers and vice versa, refer.

The incident reminds me of how, a few years back, a Buffalo City Municipality traffic officer was suspended and faced a plethora of trumped-up charges simply for stopping the mayoral vehicle for a traffic infringement. The case was dropped, not only because of pressure from the media and I, but also because the charge claims simply held no water.

A minister or an MEC is no more than a member of parliament with responsibilities, making them even more accountable to the man on the street, but still not one bit more important than any other individual.

I strongly believe the president and premiers should ban “blue light brigades/convoys”. All ministers and MECs have PA’s that supposedly have time management skills. If they are going to be late for an official event, call ahead like the rest of us.

Public representatives and officials with an air of self importance should be reminded who they work for. You cannot demand respect without giving respect yourself. — John Cupido, DA MPL, Eastern Cape Legislature, Bhisho