DESPITE the matter of Buffalo City becoming a metro being gazetted in Gazette no 2494 of December 24, 2010, there are concerns that the process is flawed and many stakeholders claim they have not been given the opportunity to discuss this matter at public forums.

While it is inevitable that Buffalo City will obtain metro status after the May 2011 local government elections, it is vital that all due legal and statutory processes have been complied with to prevent legal challenges at a later date.

The possibility of court challenges could seriously hamper the effective running of Buffalo City.

While there has been certain “targeted” public participation in this regard, I am informed that the general public and certain residents’ associations were not informed about this participation process.

Of further concern, as previously reported in the media, is the notice in the Daily Dispatch of December 22, where the public was given a mere seven days to respond to the notice and give comment.

Firstly, why was such a notice placed in the middle of the holiday period?

Secondly, the wording of the notice, which incorrectly cites the wrong section (section 12) of the Municipal Structures Act referred to, has created confusion. — Dacre Haddon MPL, DA spokesperson Local Government, Bhisho Legislature

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