The Provincial Housing dDepartment and the Housing Development Association (HDA) have betrayed the trust and hopes of Jacksonville housing beneficiaries in the Nelson Mandela Metro.

As recently reported, these beneficiaries were given cards with allocated erf numbers for houses in Chatty Extention 12 in the Metro.

Furthermore, verbal promises were given by the Housing department that these beneficiaries would be allocated these houses.

These houses have been allocated to other beneficiaries from the SaltLake area.

I have today written to the MEC for Human Settlements in the Metro asking why this was done and what plans are in place to allocate houses to the original beneficiaries.

I will also be raising the issue at the first meeting of Human Settlements Portfolio Committee in the legislature.

It is evident that there is a hidden political agenda here which needs to be exposed.

Governing must be at all times be transparent and honest.

The exploiting and misleading of vulnerable citizens who have been promised houses and then lied to by a government department is a serious matter.

The hopes and life plans of each individual and communities affected by this dishonesty must be stamped out and the DA will leave no stone unturned to uncover the motives behind this unsavoury situation.

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