THE author of the letter “Do something to improve declining city, Bay residents” (The Herald, January 28), D M Calder, is quite correct when stating metro residents must “just do it”. Every citizen of the metro can change the current inept ANC-run council by voting for the DA in the local government elections.

The DA has a real possibility of winning this metro based on the previous election results in the metro in the national election of 2009. However, moaning and apathy will not achieve this.

If every citizen of the metro is registered to vote, then as a collective we can throw out the ANC in favour of a well-run, transparent, efficient DA-led council, as is the case with DA-governed Cape Town which was recently voted best run municipality in the country.

This weekend is a voter registration weekend throughout the country. This is a marvellous opportunity for all residents to check they are registered in their correct ward and if not, to re-register.

In addition all residents who have turned 18 and have not registered since the 2009 national vote have the opportunity to do so. Remember to take your bar coded identity document when registering.

There is the famous saying, “you get the government you deserve” – so “just do it”, register at the weekend and vote DA! Dacre Haddon MPL, DA spokesman on local government, Bhisho Legislature

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