The Premier correctly focused on jobs and development. However, she did not make any game changing announcements. One would have expected something very substantial in relation to the education crisis in this province. For example, we would suggest a skills audit to root out the poor management in that department.

There was also nothing said about the possible financial over-expenditure in the province of R3.7 billion.

There was also nothing said about the water crises in this province. The Nelson Mandela Metro could run out of water in August if there is no intervention.

She simply glossed over the problems at local municipal level.

Although she correctly focused on improving the attitude of civil servants to service delivery she said nothing about cadre deployment, which is the root of many of the problems in this province.

With regard to rooting out corruption one would have expected something significant in relation to tender reform. The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape has outlawed provincial civil servants from doing business with the government.

What this province needs is a cohesive vision that can galvanise all roleplayers to putting it on the high road to prosperity.

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