The racial attack on the Democratic Alliance by Christian Martin, MPL, (“Your Views”, The Herald, 15 March) betrays the rising panic within the ANC that they will lose the Metro because of their poor record of service delivery. It also displays the political bankruptcy of the ANC, just like the coffers of the Metro.

Racial nationalism was very much part of our past and it seems very much part of our present. Under apartheid, race was used by the National Party by way of “swart gevaar” to demonise black people in order to get white votes. The African National Congress now uses “wit gevaar” to demonise white people in order to get black votes.

What the voters of this Metro want is a municipality that will create the climate for job creation, build decent houses and improve our roads network so our economy and municipality can flourish. This is what the DA has done in Cape Town where more poor people receive a greater quantity of free basic services than anywhere else in South Africa.

If we are to change South Africa we need to break away from racial identity politics as a reason for supporting a particular party.

The DA will continue to champion Nelson Mandela’s ideal of a rainbow nation and as he so aptly said, South Africa belongs to all who live in it, both black and white.

Martin and Manyi: different sides, same coin.

Bobby Stevenson, MPL

DA Leader in the Legislature




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