The Democratic Alliance (DA) is proud to announce that the Baviaans Municipality won two Vuna Awards in the Eastern Cape this week. The first is for the municipality with the best payment rate and the second award was for the municipality with the best service delivery.

These awards are proof that the DA governs very well where it is in control and the DA has the ability to run a clean and efficient administration. The DA in Baviaans has proved that it delivers services to all the people.

The Baviaans Municipality manages their financial affairs very carefully, based on sound business principles. One of the most important functions of a municipality is to collect revenue from property taxes and service delivery. This of course is much easier if there is excellent service delivery to all the people. The only outstanding amounts are owed by Provincial Departments such as Education and Health. This adversely affects the cash flow of a small municipality such as Baviaans.

The award for excellent performance in service delivery is an accolade for the effective service delivery in both Willowmore and Steytlerville. Basic services are supplied to all residents – water and electricity in all households, free basic services to 60% of (indigent) households and solar geysers for all households. The bucket system has been completely eradicated. A Help Desk has been implemented where any resident can report faults in service delivery, which is then immediately responded to.

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) has been implemented to create jobs for all and the provincial government has commended Baviaans as the municipality in the with the most successful EPWP projects in the Eastern Cape.

These EPWP projects are of a capital nature to improve the living conditions of the various communities in Baviaans. Sustainable infrastructure maintenance programmes are also included amongst these projects. Annually several streets are paved by locals from that specific town – local job creation and local employment. Skills development is of the utmost importance for each project. Workers are trained in whatever skill is required before the project is implemented.

Each award is backed by a prize of R25 000 and in Baviaans the total amount of R50 000 will be applied to the Help Desk services to ensure that services are delivered to all the people without delay.

Where the DA governs, it governs well. Viva Baviaans! Viva DA!



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