The front page articles Sick, sick, sick and ‘Zuma does it, so can we’ regarding fraud and corruption in the Department of Health (DD, 16 and 17 March) refer:

There is a way to stop corruption, maladministration and overpricing when it comes to the manner in which the province does its business.

Legislation simply has to be approved that prevents civil servants and their families doing business with the province.

I have introduced a Private Member’s Bill which is currently being considered by the provincial legislature to bar provincial employees from trading with the government. This is based on legislation that has already been passed by the Western Cape — with the support of the African National Congress.

The goods and services budget of the Eastern Cape together with that of capital expenditure amounts to R13 billion. You can imagine the implications if 20% of this is lost to a combination of corruption, maladministration and over pricing, the province loses R2.6 billion, which is more than the budget of most provincial Departments

This wastage means that less funds are available for service delivery, the building of houses and the improvement of our roads network. Our hospitals and clinics remain under-resourced along with our schools when the money is actually there.

All that it takes to stop the looting of our provincial coffers is the political will to approve the legislation already introduced by the DA. It’s time to put service delivery before service to a connected elite. Greed has been the downfall of many governments throughout history. The current government’s tipping point is fast arriving.

Bobby Stevenson

DA Leader in the Legislature



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