We must continue to celebrate the fact that the South Africa today is freer and more democratic than the South Africa of pre-1994.

In the Eastern Cape the right to a decent education has been upheld in a number of court cases, particularly so in the one relating to the eradication of mud-structured schools. This week we saw the Constitutional Court upholding the independence of the Scorpions. This shows the strength of our courts in defending the rights of its citizens.

However, we can never take our freedom for granted and all of us who believe in our Constitution must continue to defend the rights that are enshrined therein. Sadly in our province the right to a decent education and the right to decent health care is threatened by corruption. We must continue to eradicate this scourge so that the rights that are enshrined in the Constitution can continue to bring victory to the lives of those people who are not yet experiencing the fruits of our new democracy.

We trust that all political parties will adhere to the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of movement so our upcoming election process can be free and fair.