Dear Editor

The articles “More NYDA jobs on the cards” and “Support for agency monitor” (Herald, 24 March) refer:

It is nothing short of being hilariously frightening the attitude, arrogance and sense of entitlement that is displayed by the leadership of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in announcing the nine executive positions that will be appointed within the NYDA.

To date the NYDA cannot claim any sustainable initiatives within the Eastern Cape or even the country as a whole. They are using the fact that all political parties agree that “the youth are the future” to their advantage and thus to entice funds from national and provincial coffers.

Their salaries are expected to be more than those of MPs, so it is not surprising to see how Julius Malema can turn a foe like Andile Lungisa into a lapdog by throwing him the R800 000 chairman-bone.

Why work at becoming a good public leader via the different spheres of government as a councillor or such when you can earn millions on the NYDA gravy train then just demand a parliamentary position on youth league retirement.

As called for by the DA in parliament, it is imperative that a parliamentary oversight committee is created to monitor the “dealings and workings” of this anc-NYDA pit bull of self-entitlement.

Yours faithfully

John Cupido, MPL,

DA provincial spokesperson on Youth

Bhisho Legislature



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