The Democratic Alliance is calling for an investigation into the issuing of driver’s licences in the province.

When we allow drivers on the road who cannot drive, they are not only placing their lives in danger but also that of others.

Several driving schools have approached the DA in the legislature to deal with apparent corruption within many municipal traffic departments and the Department of Transport (DoT) in general.

It must be said that they played open cards in saying that they are members of the ANC, but because ANC officials do not listen to their woes, they have approached me because of the DA’s zero tolerance on corruption.

They have reported to me that as driving schools that insist on training their students to be competent drivers before allowing them to take the driving test, their work is being made a mockery of by corrupt driving testers and other officials that automatically ask for a bribe or “the student will fail”.

Many of the driving schools have tried to approach the Department of Transport but have been pushed from pillar to post within the department. It is alleged that certain driving schools are getting preferential treatment because these schools are owned by officials within the municipalities and the DoT itself.

The driving schools that have approached me state that they are “forced” to break the law to remain in business and put bread on the table. They are “sick” of living with the knowledge that corrupt officials and other driving schools are putting incompetent and dangerous drivers on the road.

I am aware of the Traffic Inspectorate Unit within the DoT that deals with fraud and corruption issues and I will be contacting them to enquire as to what is being done about the above allegations.

I will also be submitting questions to the MEC, Thandiswa Marawu, regarding this and other issues raised by the driving schools.

All the non-corrupt driving schools want is a level playing field, and all I want is a country with safe roads and competent drivers.

Editors: I can be phoned for the contact details of the driving schools.



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