Seven Eastern Cape mud schools won in a court battle recently against the Department of Education, securing R8.2 billion to eradicate mud schools in South Africa. R6.2bn will be contributed towards replacing inadequate structures and providing basic services to Eastern Cape schools alone. There are around 400 mud schools in the Eastern Cape.

The Eastern Cape Department of Education would by March 31 this year provide mobile classrooms, water tanks and sufficient desks and chairs for the pupils at the seven schools. All reasonable steps would be taken to complete new structures at the seven schools on or before May 1, 2012.

Follow-up visits will be conducted by the DA’s Deputy Shadow Minister for Basic Education, Donald Smiles, and the party’s Provincial Spokesperson for Education, Edmund van Vuuren to monitor the progress.

Date: 5 and 6 April 2011


• Nomandla Senior School in Mabheleni;

• Tembeni Senior School in Mayalweni;

• Madwaleni Senior School in Bomvini;

• Sidanda Senior School in Mpundweni;

• Nkonkoni Senior School in Nkonkoni;

• Maphindela Senior Primary School near Port St Johns; and

• Sompa Senior Primary School in Sompa.

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