When the DA is governing the Buffalo City Metro after the elections in May housing delivery will be escalated.

Recent articles in your paper highlight the contempt by the provincial housing department towards vulnerable beneficiaries.

The Bhungeni settlement fiasco where informal shack dwellers had their homes bulldozed down and the appalling treatment of 104-year-old Granny Buyiswa Jojozi was an act synonymous of the wicked apartheid days.

Two further articles one titled Old shacks better than this (DD, April 12) and the other Blind woman dies waiting for house State promised (DD, April 13) highlight the disgraceful treatment by provincial housing towards vulnerable people.

In the Old Shacks- story a family were moved to a temporary shelter which had no water or toilets.

Where the DA governs they govern better.

In Cape Town a DA-governed municipality housing delivery has doubled.

At Midvaal (another DA-run municipality) the Gauteng Planning Commission gave it the best rating for quality of life.

Furthermore, in Midvaal, the Doornkuil housing project, where 18 000 units were built for lower income groups, the survey found that two thirds of these residents were either very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of their dwelling.

The needs of the vulnerable were prioritised. The process was transparent and contractors fit for purpose built the units.

May we through your newspaper await a public explanation from the MEC for Human Settlements in the province why events highlighted in the Dispatch happened and what measures are in place to assist the affected beneficiaries?

Yours faithfully

Dacre Haddon, MPL

DA provincial spokesperson on housing




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