A crucial Metro housing meeting to discuss housing issues in Korsten and Schauderville was jeopardised by the no-show of housing officials from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

The meeting in excess of 200 people was held in the Jarman Hall on 6 April to discuss the non-delivery of housing in these areas.

Addressing a boisterous and lively audience, DA MPL and housing spokesperson Dacre Haddon committed to meeting with the MEC for Housing to speed up this process and lobby for the required funding from the provincial government.

Haddon compared the DA housing delivery successes in Cape Town and emphasised where the DA governs, they govern better for all the people.

DA Metro Councillors Isaac Adams, Chris Roberts and Jonathan Lawack alluded to the pockets of land that can be used to build approximately 1 000 Zosa Street-type high density units.

In a feeble attempt to kick start “Backyard shack” programme, the Metro housing department suggested this launch take place in Missionvale, an area of informal settlements.  The parts of Korsten, Schauderville and Gelvandale that should have been included in the project were deliberately omitted from the proposed launch.

An estimated amount of R80 million is required to build these units.  What has angered the community is the lack of foresight in funding this project.  While R2, 3 billion could be found to build the Nelson Mandela Stadium and R30 billion was made available to refurbish the country’s rolling stock, R800 million to finance two jets for VIP’s and general ANC wastage with public money, R80 million is a drop in the ocean to fund this initiative.

The meeting unanimously decided to embark on further peaceful protest action in order to pressurise Bhisho to make funding available for this housing.

“The affected community who came from the apartheid past and have their roots embedded in this area.  They do not want to move elsewhere given that they are already using the well established community facilities in the area.

“The Constitution demands that everyone have access to decent housing and this community will be prioritised when the DA governs this Metro after the May 18th municipal elections,” Haddon said.