The majority of the residents of a village in rural Transkei abandoned the ANC and signed up as members of the DA.

I visited Lwandile Village on invitation of the former branch chairperson of the ANC. The village is in the Ngqeleni area in the Nyandeni Municipalty.

This is a very poor area with no water, no electricity, no roads and no employment. Their ANC councillor allegedly calls the community illiterates and does not care about them at all. The DA is their only hope.

I visited the village on 15 April to bring the residents a message of support. More than 300 of these former ANC-members signed DA-membership cards on the same day

In the meantime about 100 teachers from the Mouth Fletcher district has also decided to abandon the ANC after the regional chairperson of Sadtu in that area was suspended for allegedly becoming a member of the DA.

More and more people from all communities are joining the DA as the election campaign hots up. These communities bring with them songs and slogans which they adapt to suit the DA.

South Africa is a much better place after 1994 than it was before. But the ANC has lost its way and does not do enough to stamp out corruption, nepotism and the lack of accountability. These tendencies all steal resources that would otherwise be devoted to improving the lives of the poor. This is why the DA is at the forefront of the new struggle for a better South Africa. The DA delivers for all the people.

After 17 years of promises of change individuals need to decide whether they want to wait any longer for that change or whether they themselves will become the change to make this province a place of rising opportunity and hope for all its residents.

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