DA provincial local government spokesperson Dacre Haddon.

DA provincial local government spokesperson Dacre Haddon.

Municipal officials and politicians need to be frightened of the voters, not the other way around, to ensure better governance in our municipalities.

While chapter 6 section 42 of the Systems Act allows for the public to set performance targets for municipalities, this requirement is being flouted by many councils.

The days of signing “sweetheart” performance agreements for politically connected cadres are over.

In order for municipal governance to succeed, there needs to be regular accountability, transparency and review of the performance of municipal managers and section 57 staff by the public.

The review of performance must be compared against the performance targets set by the public.

Performance reviews should therefore also decide whether a performance bonus be awarded to a staff member.

I will from now be asking the Portfolio Committee on Local Government in the province to submit quarterly reports as to progress of public involvement in setting performance targets for municipalities.

Furthermore, I will be challenging the MEC for Local Government and Traditional Affairs in my budget speech today as to why all municipalities are not adhering to this requirement and what the plans are to ensure this requirement is adhered to.

Involving the community in setting performance targets for municipalities will, I believe, greatly improve future local government service delivery in this province.


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