The Department of Roads and Public Works could not account for monies paid to contractors during the last financial year.

In response to a parliamentary question by me to the MEC for Transport it was revealed that due to the transition of moving roads from the Department of Transport to the Department of Public Works “there was a non invoice tracking tool for contractors”. For the response, click here.

  iqp 34, q 15

So in effect the province has no idea of what expenditure it paid to road contractors.

This casual response is unacceptable and I will be following up with the Auditor-General to investigate this matter further.

Furthermore, in terms of Section 18c of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) the department must promote transparency and effective management in respect of revenue, assets and expenditure.

Clearly this is a breach of the Act and I will be following up with the MECs of Transport and Public Works as to why the recording of vast roads expenditure was not done.

The actions by the department are reckless and unacceptable.

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