The fact that the Eastern Cape has the highest murder ratio in the country at 47,3 murders per 100 000 of the population is a huge shock . Gauteng by comparison has a murder ratio of 29,1. This figure is truly devastating. Although the number of reported cases shows a slight decline in contact crimes, violent crime in the Eastern Cape is still at an unacceptably high level.

Sexual crimes have risen slightly by 2,2 % and have now reached the all time high of 9 380 but one must remember that it is estimated that only one in nine rapes are reported. This figure highlights the continued breakdown of moral fibre and the violation of human dignity. The courts, the police and forensic laboratories have to up their game to ensure culprits are brought to book.


Business in the Eastern Cape is clearly under siege with robberies at non-residential premises increasing by 30,2 % — the highest in the country. Burglary at non-residential premises (1,4 %) is also up slightly from 6 424 cases to 6 515 cases. This is the highest increase in the country (1 658 cases up from 1273). This has a negative impact on our economy as the cost to business impacts adversely on job creation.

Although burglary at residential premises (-3 %) and robbery at residential premises (-3 %) shows a very slight decline one is still very unsafe in one’s own home with 74 burglaries taking place a day and four aggravated robberies per day in the Eastern Cape.

On the positive side driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is down by 26,1%. This is a reflection on good policing as the message of not drinking and driving is starting to get through. But what is still of concern is the number of culpable homicides which have increased slightly. This means death on our roads is still a worry.

Crime statistics are still far too high and unless we embrace world class policing tactics we will never reduce crime to acceptable levels in our society. Coupled to that, we need to have a world-class provincial government administration so we can create the right environment for massive job creation.

During the Soccer World Cup there was a massive clampdown on crime, and if it wasn’t for that, the statistic would paint a much bleaker picture.


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