I wish to take issue with comments made by NMMU political analyst, Jolene Steyn-Kotze “Youth League blame for Daso win at varsity polls” (The Herald, September 23) when she is quoted as saying that the results of the Daso victory at NMMU were not reflective of the broader politics in our city. On the contrary, this result, where the DA Student Organisation achieved an historic and stunning victory, is in fact, a reflection of the trend that occurred in the municipal election where the Democratic Alliance experienced a massive increase in its support base in the broader Metropole rising from 24% of the vote to 40%.

The fact that this trend has now manifested itself at NMMU is a reflection of the growing support for the DA across South Africa and political analysts should acknowledge this trend rather than trying to play it down. Any party that wants to make progress in South African politics needs to be able to appeal to a broad constituency which includes young intellectuals at a university.

It is common cause amongst most political academics that the new energising force in the DA is the younger generation in all its diversity. Young people are hungry for change and they want to see a country that works and provides a future for them in which there will be jobs and opportunities for their children as well.

The DA’s vision of an open opportunity society for all provides the vehicle to bring about that change. There is a new freedom struggle that is being waged in South Africa today and that is for social justice – for jobs, for a decent education, health care and safety and security.

The DA is at the forefront of the new freedom struggle in South Africa today. Students are seeing it and the change at NMMU is a definite reflection on the growing support base for the DA across this Province and in South Africa.

Congratulations to Daso Chairperson Yusuf Cassim and your team.

Bobby Stevenson, MPL

Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, Bhisho


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