I today moved a motion at the Legislature sitting in Cofimvaba in relation to the deliberate omission of questions for oral reply from the order paper. For the motion, click here.

Every Wednesday when the House sits, questions for oral reply are normally the first item on the order paper.

Cofimvaba, Black Wednesday will hang like a cloud of shame over the Provincial Legislature for deliberately omitting questions for oral reply from the Order Paper at the Legislature’s sitting to the people.

At previous sittings questions for oral reply were included on the Order Paper.  Why is the ANC running so scared of the Democratic Alliance that they are too afraid to allow us to question their MEC’s in the full glare of the public.

This subverting of the normal parliamentary procedure in order to showcase the event to the people undermines democratic procedure in our province.

By not allowing the robust engagement of questions for oral reply between members of the opposition and the executive, the Legislature has missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate accountability at its best to the people.

Vigorous oversight is necessary in our province to improve service delivery.  By omitting questions for oral reply, the Legislature has let the people of the Eastern Cape down.  It must never happen again.

Please note that questions for oral reply are an extremely important parliamentary tradition and are normally seen as the highlight of a parliamentary sitting when members of the opposition and members of the executive engage in a questioning process with follow up questions.

Members have parliamentary privilege and can raise important issues that should be brought into the public eye.




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