The red lights are flashing for the blue light bullies in our province.  I have tabled a question for written reply to the Premier, Noxolo KivIet, to ask how she is going to stop this practice.  For the question, click here:

Premier Blue Lights

Last year Western Cape cabinet passed a resolution which ordered that all blue lights and sirens be removed from the vehicles of provincial ministers.

Our own blue light bullies must be stopped.  This practice is simply an abuse of power and privilege.

The latest incident whereby an innocent Gauteng matric pupil, Thomas Ferreira, was struck by a blue light convoy should serve as a wake-up call to the Eastern Cape as well.  Our own blue light bullies must be stopped.  I have on numerous occasions experienced their recklessness, the last incident being in Cofimvaba at the “Taking Legislature to the People” where I and other motorists were pushed to the side of the road.

The National Road Traffic Act states that only in emergencies may blue lights be used.  Being late for a meeting is not an emergency.

The second wake-up call is last week’s report that the two deadliest roads in the country are in our province, namely the N2 between East London and Mthatha and between Mthatha and Kokstad.  MEC’s should set an example and not be a law unto themselves.  As long as they continue acting as if they can get away with breaking the law, so will ordinary motorists.

If we want safer roads, those in leadership should lead the way and set an example.  It will be interesting to know if ministerial vehicles caught speeding ever pay fines and what the collective amount owed is.

The third warning light that is flashing is the coming festive season which means more people on our roads.  It is a matter of time before our blue light bullies are involved in a similar incident as the tragic events in Gauteng.

We all desire a society where law abiding citizens can live in safety.  So why undermine these principles by lawless leaders?




  1. Rob Wylde says:

    Dear Bobby
    I agree with your approach as they become monsters on the road.

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