THE legal appeal by the provincial Department of Local Government against the findings by Judge Dukada on the release of the Kabuso report must raise concerns about future free flow of information to the public (“MEC to appeal over finding on Kabuso”, November 8). While acknowledging the right of the MEC and his department to appeal, it must be questioned as to why they are doing so.

The Herald article states the basis of the appeal was that Duduka was wrong in ruling that the report was in the public interest and must be released immediately. Perhaps, too, the cause for appeal shows the lust of the ruling party for a press tribunal and curbs on free flow journalism.

It was only through months of sustained pressure from the press, politicians and the public that the MEC was forced to make the document open for public interest. One wonders if this pressure had not taken place when (if ever) the report and its findings would have been made available for public scrutiny?

It is thus clear that due to the explosive nature of the contents of the report that perhaps the MEC and the department would have preferred not to have disclosed the report for public consumption. The cornerstone of a true democracy is an unrestricted press and the right of the public to have unhindered access to all information without fear or favour.

Long delays and alleged cover-ups to not have the Kabuso report released earlier shows the contempt by government, trying to hide its shenanigans from the public eye.

Dacre Haddon DA MPL, Bhisho


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