I want to thank the DA community for their support during my medical disability in 2011.

I confirm that I am back and available. My new portfolios in the legislature are 1) Roads and Public Works. 2) Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

I will once again be focussing on the maintenance of roads in the Eastern Cape to ensure value for money.

Concerning public works, I want to establish a norm that contracts for the maintenance of state buildings go to local entrepreneurs. In this way unemployment is reduced and skills are transferred.

In my capacity a member of the portfolio committee on sport, arts and culture, I want to ensure that libraries have the necessary material available which is in line with school curriculums. All children in our province must have access to information that can help them to be successful.

We have to ensure that all museums in the Eastern Cape reflect the legacy of all communities.

The DA will continue with its efforts for the establishment of a provincial lobbying unit as in the Western Cape and Gauteng to bring large sport events and world symposiums to the Eastern Cape to promote tourism and relieve poverty. The support of the provincial government for the EP Kings, sport clubs and schools sports will also be sought.

Where the DA governs, it works for the community. This can also happen in the Eastern Cape.

Yours sincerely

Pine Pienaar, DA MPL



  1. Shalima Kweleta says:

    Thanks Mr Pienaar, your dedication to do the right thing for our Province is fully recommended. I so wish that the South Africans could open their eyes and see what is happening today and compare it to what was happening before. Even though they want to believe that they are free today they are not, instead it is worse than before under the ruling party. As they say “the old devil is better than the new one”, I repeat, people should start telling the truth and stop twisting it. We are not free at all and I think we should start behaving like adults not like spoilt bruts and be responsible for our actions. We need to unite, work hard and stop pointing fingers to one another. Democracy should begin by doing the right things for ourselves, then the society upwards. I am behind you all the way.

    Thanks and regards

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