The two-day lekgotla hosted by the Premier for members of the Executive Council, Mayors and CEO’s of parastatals needs to engage in some very serious introspection on the way forward for this province.

Top of the agenda needs to be the issue of job creation and how we can make this a winning province which is competitive with the others.

Secondly, this lekgotla needs to come up with solutions to the current education crisis in the Eastern Cape as we are condemning millions of learners to a system that does not prepare them adequately for the job market.

Thirdly, this lekgotla needs to deal firmly with the issue of corruption in this province and what decisive steps will be taken to outlaw cadre redeployment, civil servants doing business with the state and tenderpreneurs who are ripping this province off.

The fortunes of the Eastern Cape will rise and fall, depending on the calibre of leadership that this province exercises. The Executive Council needs to ensure that accountability is practised and not simply preached at all levels of government.


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