MPLs Veliswa Mvenya and Bobby Stevenson at a previous State of the Province Address.

With the president’s State of the Nation Address behind us, it is now all eyes on Premier Noxolo Kiviet’s State of the Province Address next Friday.

The Premier needs to provide clear details of how the President’s infrastructural promises will be funded and auctioned in the Eastern Cape.

The premier needs to spell out in no uncertain terms solutions to the current education crisis in our province.  We are condemning millions of learners to a system that does not prepare them adequately for the job market.

The state of anarchy needs to be reversed and this will only occur if the right calibre of leadership is exercised.   A climate of ungovernablity can simply no longer be tolerated.

The province needs to pull out all stops to ensure that there is a climate conducive to job creation and attracting investment.  Poor administration and corruption are a turn-off to investors who want efficient government.

The poor state of our roads impacts negatively on tourism as well as the ability for manufacturers and farmers to get their produce to and from markets.

One will also expect the Premier to spell out precisely how the issue of civil servants doing business with the province will be outlawed and how procurement in this province will be more effectively managed.

One also expects the Premier to articulate how healthcare in the province will be improved noting that the department has now moved from a disclaimer to a qualified audit.

Service delivery will only improve if the Executive Council ensures accountability is practiced at every level and not simply preached.

The DA has a vision of this province being a place of rising opportunity for all its people, where employment is rising teaching is improving where our roads are functional and our hospitals are places of care and healing.  This is a dream worth striving for and something we are passionately committed to.