Veliswa Mvenya talks to teachers, and SGB members of the Gwadana Senior Secondary School, which she adopted this week.

Caucus chairperson Veliswa Mvenya this week adopted one of the poorest schools in the Butterworth District.  Her personal involvement since last year has made a world of difference.

Mvenya chose to visit Gwadana Senior Secondary School last year because of its poor matric results.

“I wanted to find out from the principal what challenges they are faced with which attributed to the poor performance.  Amongst the reasons raised by the principal, the issue of the late or non-payment of moneys due to the school was the main challenge.  This is one of the poorest rural schools in Butterworth, even the buildings are not up to standard.  I then intervened and monitored the department in this regard.”

The intervention proved to be an excellent morale-booster for the teachers, resulting in a remarkable improvement in the schools matric pass rate, from 10% for 2010 to 76% for 2011.

Mvenya again visited the school this week to encourage the teachers. She prepared a braai for them and small trophies were also bought by the principal which were presented on the day as a token of appreciation. In a surprise announcement during her speech, Mvenya adopted the school.

“I am planning to assist in any way to ensure that the morale of the teachers is kept up. I will ask any delivery they need from any MEC, as long as it will assist the students and teachers,” Mvenya said.