The latest exposé in the media (Daily Dispatch, 10 March), that the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) secured funding from the Department of Social Development to pay for several regional conferences on behalf of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) again confirms what the Democratic Alliance has been telling members of the Bhisho Legislature repeatedly: that the NYDA is not serving the general youth of the Eastern Cape.

I have today requested the Public Protector to investigate this matter. I have also asked a parliamentary question for the MEC for Social Development, Pemmy Majodina, to explain whether her department does any oversight of funds to the NYDA and whether they are satisfied that this funding went to youth development summits or to fund ANCYL regional conferences.

The provincial head of the NYDA, Ayanda Matiti, is also the chairperson of ANC Youth League in the Eastern Cape. Other key positions in the NYDA are also held by members of the ANCYL.

As a government institution the Department of Social Development may not fund regional conferences of the ANCYL via the NYDA. Because this is being allowed, the youth in general in this province will forever be neglected.

This NYDA is just a tool to misappropriate government funds. It is no different from the Youth Commission that was disbanded. Julius Malema had rightfully said at the time that the Youth Commission was serving the girlfriends and family of that entity. This is no different.

In the rural areas of this province you won’t find any young person who has been helped by NYDA. Even ANC members do not know anything about the NYDA because it only serves active members of the ANCYL.

Even the secretary of the ANCYL, Mziwonke Ndabeni, has no powers to comment on the NYDA because he is not the secretary of the NYDA. This is another indication that there is something sinister going on. He admitted in the City Press (11 March) that the NYDA had paid for the first day of the ANCYL’s “summit”. It shows that these organisations have no respect or understanding of the difference between the NYDA and the ANCYL.

Companies who provided services confirmed that they were paid by the NYDA and not the Youth League.

A key issue for the DA is creating an open opportunity society for all, wherein the youth of this province will be afforded the chance to develop and grow so as to realise their dreams of jobs and prosperity. The current provincial administration of the ANC is not allowing this to happen by turning a blind eye to the arrogant and unlawful antics of the NYDA and the ANCYL.


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