I am enthralled to have been elected as Provincial Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance in the Eastern Cape.

My task, together with a dynamic and experienced executive, is to execute responsibilities entrusted to us, in such a way that the interests of our members will always be supreme.


The road ahead is still very steep, but with the necessary commitment, leadership and organisational and management skills, the Democratic Alliance in the Eastern Cape will not only be a force for change, but also a force to be reckoned with.

I will most certainly expect nothing less from our executive but to be resolute in driving issues that will maximise our reputable performances in obtaining the desirable outcomes.

This executive, under my Chairmanship, will unapologetically embody the spirit of reconciliation and redress. We will continue to increase our service delivery through our established diversified structures and membership.

Service delivery is synonymous with the Democratic Alliance and as the newly elected executive, we will at all times strive to improve the circumstances of the needy and underprivileged by creating opportunities that will be of benefit to them. This can be achieved through the implementation of set strategic goals, namely prioritising access to quality education and contributing towards means that will assist in alleviating poverty.

My vision as Chairperson is to help expand and grow this party in areas where the ANC has claimed ownership and to encourage our members and public representatives to be visible amongst our communities and to always attend to the needs of the people with the most professional demeanour possible.

The members of the executive are:

Provincial leader: Athol Trollip

Two deputy leaders: Bobby Stevenson and Veliswa Mvenya

Provincial chairperson: Edmund van Vuuren

Three deputy chairpersons: Annette Lovemore, Pine Pienaar and Leon de Villiers

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